The Rise in Popularity of Sports Clothing

Sports clothing was once upon a time reserved for people who are actually taking part in sports – from footballers to tennis players, sports shops were all geared at people taking part in sporting events or heading off to the gym.

In the 1990s that all changed enormously – this was the decade that saw sports clothing become mainstream – but how did it all start?

During this period of time, pop culture was having a massive influence on fashion, as it had for decades before it. But the way that we could consume information had changed – the world was smaller and news, music and of course sporting events could be shared around the world quickly to millions.

Because of this, trends may have originated in the USA, but spread very quickly around the world, and of course Sky TV was becoming popular, with streams of music videos and channels entirely dedicated to sports, people were engaging in a way they never had before.

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Big sporting heroes such as Michael Jordan, also became fashion superstars – anything that these people wore was suddenly snapped up by eager fans hoping to emulate their role models – from trainers to haircuts.

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Sports clothing soon became part of the fashion mainstream, and today is a hotter trend than ever with the 90s revival going on in the fashion world – from Tommy Hilfiger menswear like this to the casual and cool Air Force 1 trainers, for the ultimate casual and comfy fashion, sports wear has been enduringly popular.