Staying Humble is So Important

I have a neighbor that I call when I need something done in my house. The thing is, my husband died last year and I am trying to organize my house so that I could sell it. There are a lot of people that will tell you that they do not like to bother their neighbors when they are at a certain age but this young man likes to help an old lady like me, and he gets to eat well in return because I feed him. I asked to help me with finding some shower enclosures in queens ny5 because I had no idea where I was going to start. Many friends were willing to help me but they can barely get around better than me. In fact, I am one of the better fit people in my group and if I could not do this kind of thing on my own then they were definitely not going to be able to do it for me, too.

My husband was the type of guy who would do something for himself, he would never pay another person to do something for him unless he really knew the other person and the other person was really trustworthy. I wanted to go and listen to people who were going to actually listen to what I had to say because my husband used to teach me terms and I really thought that if I used good terminology like he taught me, then they may give me a break because it would give me some type of actual credibility and I think that is really important so the people would take me seriously and that’s all I wanted. I wanted to be treated like a person who knew that they were talking about and not some old lady.