Common Birth Injuries: Here is what you should know

Baby delivery is one of the happiest times a mother experiences in her life. But this isn’t the case for medical experts who act negligently. In fact, the consequences of unprofessional choices can end up affecting the child’s entire life.

A recent report indicated that there are about 28,000birth injuries in the United States each year associated with the unprofessional behavior of a medical expert. That implies that more than 2000 infants each month suffer disabled or impaired lives from a single moment of a medical expert’s negligence. According to Cohen, Placitella and Roth, a renowned law organization I Philadelphia, different birth injuries are sustained in different circumstances and might impact the life of someone who otherwise would have been healthy.

Cranial damage

Trauma to the spinal cord and the cranial cavity result in extremely mysterious consequences. However, these injuries frequently happen because of the location of the child. According to child delivery experts, oxygen deprivation is the primary cause of these injuries via the birth canal situations.

Different concerns arise whenever a baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen. For instance, blood could flood into the cranial cavity, the child’s organs being shut down due to some factors or even severe hemorrhaging. Besides, many disabilities might arise due to these situations, and cerebral palsy is the most common.

Rate of infections

Generally, the immune system develops over time, and it is never complete in a newborn. Bacteria and viruses of a negative impact might inflict the child with improper sterilization handling or techniques. Strep and meningitis are some of the most common infections that occur during birth.

These events can also harm the electronic signals of the baby’s nervous system. Contact with the fluids in the delivery room or puncture in the skin might introduce a rate of infection through viruses and bacteria. Therefore, strict sterilization procedures are a must for all medical experts handling child delivery. This will reduce the rate of infections significantly.

Physical Harm

Your child might suffer physical injuries on his or her arms or legs during the delivery process. Generally, injuries sustained on the upper arm might result in various forms of palsy. Besides, nerve damage in these local often results in weak muscles. In worst cases, nerve damage in the child’s arms might result in a complete loss of movement. These complications are associated with pain and burning sensations.

Sources of birth injuries

There are different causes of birth injuries. For instance, some of the tools such as vacuum extractor used in the delivery process might cause injuries to your unborn child. Some of these items are used during delivery complications to speed up the labor and delivery process.

Was your baby injured at birth? Seek legal help

Birth injuries affect both the baby and the entire family taking of that child. Spinal cord-related injuries and brain damage might have a lifetime impact on your child’s wellbeing. Consult with a reliable attorney to seek compensation for your baby’s injuries.