5 Types of Technology that have Changed the Way Business is Done

Business owners and starters are constantly looking for newer ways to enhance productivity of their business and tools that can boost their sales. Technology has served as a blessing in this regard, giving ample methods and implements that can be used in the work place.

For instance, online advertising, which sounded unimaginable two decades ago has become a must for entrepreneurs who want to showcase their products to the world. Electronic resources have enabled improved communication, speedier production and saving largely on the budget. 5 such major technologies that have revolutionised the way business is done are:

  1. Smartphones

A smartphone by definition is a mini computer that can be used to make calls, receive and send text messages and emails, and to browse the internet. Additional features are downloading software applications from the internet, which can be used for a multitude of services like photography, creating spreadsheets or other such official documents, to broadcast audio-visual files and so on. A small business owner can literally perform all office correspondence by the simple touch of a button on his or her smart phone. It has become such an indispensable gadget for running a small business that owning a smartphone has become like a necessary educational degree when applying for a job! Sometimes, you just need your service provider’s service availability and a smart phone to survive in the business industry where you have entered.

  1. The Internet Cloud

The world could not have been more accessible than it is today, all because of internet. Entrepreneurs can access anything and everything across the world sitting in their cubicles through their cloud. Collaboration with remote employees as well as potential customers has become easier and quicker in presence of this internet cloud.

For example, Pipeliner is a user-friendly customer relationship management app that gives amazing clarity to deal management, and is used by everyone from Nike and Oakley sunglasses to Converse. The correct use of appropriate internet software has become the backbone of thriving businesses. You can choose from a wide variety of software-based tools to improve productivity, sales, inter-personal skills, interactions with clients and accessibility for cross border businesses.

  1. Wi-Fi

One of the most innovative inventions in the past 20 years, Wi-Fi has changed the perception of using internet openly. Mobiles can be used from remote places, you can take prints from wireless Wi-Fi printers, and information can be exchanged at super fast speeds. It has enabled high speed internet communication which has facilitated small and large businesses to flourish. The idea of selling things online has flourished at such a pace that internet business has become one of the most productive fields for entrepreneurs. This has been possible largely by the widespread use of internet through a Wi-Fi.

  1. E-reading and E-printing

All successful persons have a common habit; they all read. Although reading from a physical book still has its own charm, e-books have made it simpler. You can buy the best business books online, read them online, search for free versions, and inculcate this important habit on the go, without stacking up loads of hard bound books in your office or home. Similarly, e-printing is a blessed tool that saves tremendous amount of time and effort in documentation of business documents. Both these technological advances have made reading and printing a pleasure.

  1. Adobe PDF

Although this ground breaking technology has easily mingled with the everyday business world, its importance cannot be forgotten. Imagine business communication without PDF files! According to Adobe, there are more than 150 million PDF docs on the web today. This is evidence enough that this software is highly used both on computers and mobile platforms. Banking and finance sectors have specially been on advantage because of the password protected application which PDF puts forth.

So, if you want to beat the odds with your unconventional ideas, step up armed with the latest technological advances and you will soon find yourself climbing up the stairs of the entrepreneurship ladder. In fact, now it is difficult to figure out how a company survived before the advent of such technology.