4 More Tips for Finding the Right Supplier for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, it can be tempting to team up with the first supplier that you find, but in reality there are a lot of different factors that you should consider before you choose a supplier. From who they already work with to staff turnover, here are four more tips to find the right supplier for your restaurant.

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Look at Their Existing Clients

There are over 250,000 catering businesses in the UK, so there are lots of different types of suppliers to choose from. One way to assess a supplier is to look at their current clients: do they work with giant supermarkets, or do they mostly work with restaurants and cafes?

Check Their Background

One quick conversation with a supplier could make you feel like they are the right company for you, but it is always worth delving a little deeper to find out …

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How to choose a laminate colour for your hallway

The hallway is often overlooked when decorating, yet it is one of the most important features in your home due to its use as the gateway between rooms. When decorated correctly, the hallway can speak volumes about the character of your home. The durability and wide range of laminate styles makes this the perfect choice, so here’s what to look for.

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Light hallways

The amount of light your hallway receives impacts your choice, with bright areas enabling you to be more flexible. Only go for darker shades if there is a lot of light; alternatively, you could play around with different lighting options to give you more flooring choice.

Whilst white may seem an obvious choice, it has a lack of practicality unless you are happy to spend a large amount of time cleaning scuffs and marks. Gold or natural colours work well, hiding scuffs whilst reflecting light …

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